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Asbestos Abatement

We are currently expecting a written explanation of the Abatement process and testing in layman’s terms from the SCA and have been told we will receive it ‘early this week’ (Week of April 30th) according to an email from Lorraine Grillo, CEO of SCA, sent on Friday April 27th.

The Abatement work currently in progress is for the removal of window caulking/lintels on the outside of the classroom window openings.

Melanie and the ‘Health and Safety Committee’ will be told by the SCA which classrooms are scheduled to have asbestos removed at the beginning of each week and will post a list on this website. The SCA has also told us that if there is a deviation in the schedule they will let us know.

Beginning Monday, 4/30, the first school day after the abatement has begun, Melanie will be able to report to the school if she finds the building in a safe condition. Please note:  Her position on the safety of our building can change on any day, given what she learns from safety reports and what she finds each morning upon her arrival in the building between 7:00 and 7:15 AM.  The safety evaluation will be continuous, on a daily basis.


Below are city regulations regarding Asbestos Abatement for your reference;

The asbestos removal will be done as per the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) regulations as set forth in Title 15.  The regulations are fully set forth here  Title 15 Asbestos Abatement Regulations .  The specific regulations which will apply to our exterior work are apparently detailed on pages 38 and 70 (although this has not yet been confirmed).  They are broken down into two separate categories as follows:

Air and Bulk Sampling, Monitoring and Analysis Procedures (Air Testing)

Abatement Procedures (Removal)

It appears that our job is classified as  a Large, Exterior Vertical Job.  As such the Abatement Procedures will be undertaken as per Section 1-109. Which are defined on page 70.  The Air Monitoring Procedures are set forth in Section 1-41, Subsection 3(c) page 38.

The Air Monitoring will be undertaken by Taylor Environmental Group  They will reportedly be on site throughout the abatement procedure.



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