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This website has been put together to keep parents informed of all the subjects relating to our construction project. We are also trying to post the latest news and updates on a daily basis. Unfortunately we have a limited amount of resources to answer individual emails, so if information can not be found on the website, questions or comments can be sent to  and a member of the Health and Safety Committee will attempt to get an answer from the most appropriate channels as soon as possible.

Please be patient, we have a limited amount of people to perform this task.  In addition, many questions will be sent directly to the SCA for answers. We do not have control of their answering process and responses may take longer.


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Can you please let us know what the schedule is for the asbestos removal? How long do they anticipate it taking to complete? If we decide to keep our children out of school, this will matter a great deal.

Hi Suzanne, we will be asking these specific questions to the SCA this Thursday night at the PTA meeting at 7pm, please join if you can.

Hi – With regard to the Questons/Document Requests for the SCA: Asbestos Abatement section:

The SCA indicated at the PTA meeting on Thursday that the material is non-friable, and based on this – claimed there is no health risk. My understanding is that non-friable asbestos becomes friable if it is sanded, cut, drilled into, or damaged. Can we also request detailed information on how they plan to remove all the different materials containing asbestos. Unless they plan to lick it off, it seems inevitable that asbestos fibers will be released into the air.

Additionally, the SCA also said they would cover the windows inside the classrooms with plastic sheeting during the abatement. What is the clean-up procedure for the debris trapped within this barrier to ensure asbestos fibers do not enter the classroom when the sheeting is removed?

Thank you,

Hi, After much thought, I’ve decided to keep my daughter home until I get answers to a couple of questions. I’m hoping you can help!

There seem to be 2 main layers of protective covering around the school, and there seems to be a lot of dust between them. When is that to be cleaned up? Last night in the front of the building, one of the large fabric coverings had come loose and was flapping in the wind. How much dust escaped? Has it been secured? Were there others? Who should we contact if we as parents walk past the building and see these things so they can be investigated and repaired? Who is documenting these mistakes? What disciplinary action is taken with the workers who are responsible to avoid future cutting of corners and mis-steps?

When it gets hot, how is the building to be ventilated to allow the children to get fresh air?


Julie – We are working on the answers to your questions. We need to contact the Project Manager in order to do so. We will do our very best to get you an answer asap.

Getting fresh air is going to be the trick.
This morning I joined some parents and the teachers to clean my son Carter’s classroom 3-400. It was clearly wiped down before we got there. But of course we also were wiping up some dust too – it just settles (air purifiers are sounding like an excellent idea to me).
The main problem became the heat – we needed to open the windows – but there was much more dirt & grit outside on the scaffolding planks (and I know that they hosed down outside, I saw them doing it at 11pm on the Kane St side)… Is it better to push the air through the AC units?

Since we’re trying to minimize the dust that gets into the classroom, I’d like to request that we make a push to get SCA to put plastic on the INSIDE of ALL the windows IMMEDIATELY. They said that this would be done as part of the asbestos work for the window that it being abated. Why not do that for ALL the window now? Having this done before and after the abatement seems like an good added protective layer not just for asbestos but for the dust…AND it’s already part of their process. When the temperature does get hot and teachers need to operate the AC or open a window, the plastic for only those windows could be removed temporarily. But the rest of the non-operational windows are better if they were sealed tight throughout the construction period.

Is it possible to have this done ASAP?

Jean Shin

Hi Jean,

While this may seem like a no-brainer, especially since it is part of the protocol for the asbestos abatement, the jury is out on whether it’s a good idea for the general construction dust problem. Industrial hygienists we’ve spoken to have suggested that this isn’t the best way to deal with the general dust because it traps it between the window and the plastic rather than making it possible to clean up. We are still aggressively speaking to experts far and wide to determine best practices, but for now the message we’re hearing is that it’s more effective to minimize the dust getting in (washing down the exterior) and be constantly cleaning it as it appears (at night and again in the am when it has had time to settle). The positive pressure air system is also intended to minimize the dust that can get in as the air pressure will be forcing air movement to blow OUT of all the microscopic entries into the the building rather than allowing it to flow the other way. I’m probably not saying that right since I’m just a layperson, but that’s the rough idea, anyway.

Should we run the AC units rather than open the windows?

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