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Check this section for minutes from all construction meetings in addition to any other news that needs to be shared between the committee and parent community.

The Construction Committee is open to all parents of PS29. It is a chance to find out the most current updates, learn how you can help and will also serve as a forum to voice concern. At this time these meetings are held every Thursday at 8am.

A meeting with the SCA will be held every other week.  This meeting is limited to four Construction Committee representatives.  Officials from the organization will be on hand and the “Look Ahead,” a calendar that details the planned work for the upcoming two weeks, will be presented and discussed.  In addition, PS29 will address any concerns/feedback from the committee and parents.  Minutes will be posted on this site.

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I am mom to Jack in the 2nd grade…room 2-308. I have one question about the asbestos abatement for the windows/interior of the building, and one suggestion.


What is the planned duration of the asbestos abatement scheduled to start this Friday the 27th (involving windows, etc)? …and is there any other planned asbestos abatement for the interior? (Sorry that’s 2 questions)


It might be wise for the parent community at PS29 to seek out and hire a 3rd party asbestos abatement consultant (someone with extensive knowledge of the process, safety procedures needed and risks). As it stands we cannot/should not rely on the SCA to be completely upfront with us on this issue. Too much is at stake. If we better understand the risks we will be better able to tackle this serious and complicated issue.


Hi Meg, we will be asking these specific questions to the SCA this Thursday night at the PTA meeting at 7pm, please join if you can. As for third party testing, lots of parents have suggested and it is definitely on the agenda.

when is the next protest

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