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Project Schedule


This was provided to us by the SCA on May 1st 2012.

PS 29K SCA Proposed Schedule 4-26-12


The Scope of Work document  sets forth that the project is projected to take approximately 18 months to complete.  This document will be posted shortly.  Members of the school administration, and the parent Construction Committee will meet bi-weekly with the Contractor (Adams European) and the School Construction Authority (SCA)


At these meetings we are provided with a  Two-Week Look Ahead document that sets forth the anticipated construction schedule for the next two weeks.  This meeting is also a time where we can engage in a dialogue with both the SCA and contractor about any concerns or issues that arise during construction.

The Two Week Look Ahead will be posted as received.


Many parents have questioned why we were not informed of these huge project earlier.  Melanie’s response is as follows (taken from her email of 2/21/12)…

“ Discussions about the leaks in our building have been going on as long as I have been at PS 29. The most recent repair project – re-roofing work completed just prior to my arrival in 2001 -was fraught with problems.  Along with the more than one dozen building managers assigned to PS 29 since then, we have had ongoing talks with the School Construction Authority (SCA) about this concern.  Once a year, a Baseline Condition Assessment Survey (BCAS) of the site takes place as a matter of routine to identify building deficiencies, and each year the roof’s condition and the building leaks are noted.

SCA met with me last school year to discuss construction to address flood elimination, parapet repair and exterior masonry.  At that time the project’s vast scope was not yet clear.  In our archived email exchanges it was noted that scaffolding MAY be required.  The need to utilize the schoolyard as a staging area was not discussed.  In the past few months, things moved quickly and it became clear that this was a larger and more involved job than we previously imagined.  While it seemed possible that it could begin as early as the spring, our DOE plant manager had noted that SCA projects often take a very long time to get off the ground.  Our own schoolyard construction is of course a good example….”

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Yesterday at 930pm there was a man walking around the school and pulling off ALL of the asbestos related signage that were hung by concerned parents.

I think they should be put back up

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