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Posted by: admin on: May 17, 2012

Mt. Sinai’s Pediatric Environmental Health Speciality Unit will come to PS 29 next Thursday, May 24 to speak with the parents and answer questions about health concerns associated with the ongoing construction work. The Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU) are a source of medical information and advice on environmental conditions that influence children’s health.  We hope that you can join us in the auditorium the morning after drop-off especially if you have concerns you would like to raise.  The panel from Mt. Sinai will include Pediatricians and an Industrial Hygienist and will be hosted by PS29 parent and physician, Alexis Demopoulos.

In addition, Ed Olmsted, Industrial Hygienist for the UFT, made his second unannounced visit to the school.  His report and recommendations are forthcoming.

Yesterday was our bi-weekly look-ahead meeting with the SCA.  Great news – the brick demo work that has been causing dust in the past 4 weeks has been completed for the school year!  Below is an overview of what we confirmed and what was covered and next steps:

–Face brick demo is now finished which means that the major dust causing work is complete.

–Raking, which does create a lot of dust, will re-commence only July 1, is scheduled to continue until July 28. Cleaning will continue throughout this work and the interior will be ready for the new year.

–Next steps on the exterior walls including:

-parging (which is, in essence, smoothing out the surface before adding brick)

-installing veneer anchors (which hold the bricks in place) and

-filling of the mortar joints.

This is work that should not generate new dust. In addition, limestone cast stones will be put on the exterior above the bricks, at higher elevations.  Because the stone work is dependent on deliveries of materials, weather, and other factors we do not know when this will be completed.

—Asbestos abatement continues until finished.

—Exterior and interior cleaning procedures will continue even though most dust-generating work is completed, so we ask that parent volunteers who wish to do so still come in on school mornings to inspect.

Please refer to the project schedule for the remainder of the job. It can be found UNDER THE PROJECT DOCUMENTATION TAB ON THIS SITE.

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