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Construction Cleaning Procedure

Posted by: admin on: May 2, 2012

The following procedures are conducted everyday that construction work takes place.

3:30p.m. – 11:00 p.m.


  • a/c units in the area of work and adjacent general area are covered with plastic with plywood placed over for added protection from unlikely falling debris
  • staff is asked to close windows before leaving but there is a walkthrough to ensure windows are closed
  • plastic on the outside of the windows is checked and resecured as necessary
  • exterior of building, scaffolding, and netting are washed down at the end of the work night


  • cleaning process begins at the same time as construction work begins and continues through the evening until all work is halted at 11pm
  • two men work consistently throughout the shift, starting on the 5th floor and working their way down; when bottom floor is reached they go back up to the top floor and begin again, cycle continues throughout the shift.
  • cafeteria is included in cleaning process
  • the crew has a checklist written specifically for this job by Adams European (AE) General Contracting
  • areas to be cleaned are prioritized by the area in which construction work is actually happening on that night
  • included in clean up are window sills, desks, book shelves, top of all surfaces
  • surfaces are cleaned with wet wipes only, as to not create more dust.
  • crew does not move things on surfaces (like book bins) but rather clean around and over surfaces. ┬áTheir goal is to clean surface dust. It is for this reason teachers are asked to move things such as book bins off of top shelves if they want the entire surface cleaned.
  • window sills are vacuumed with handheld hepa vacuums by the Adams European crew of two
  • ps29 custodial staff is responsible for vacuuming carpets with HEPA vac (this is the only construction clean up that officially falls under school custodial staff)
  • carpets are vacuumed in the evening and again in the morning
  • at 11pm, the project officer does a walk through to inspect before leaving for the night



  • cleaning crew returns before school begins to clean any dust that has settled overnight using the methods and order described above
  • window ledges are wiped of any water as power washing the previous evening may cause water to seep through
  • Carlos and Juan from ps29 vacuum rooms again
  • Carlos walks through the building using his own checklist to be sure that all cleaning has been done

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