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Occupancy Letter for Rooms 400 / 402 Stair C – 4th Floor

Posted by: admin on: May 1, 2012

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Last night (April 30th) at about 9pm I was passing by the Henry street side of the school and noticed a huge plume of dust spewing from the top floors. Also really loud demo noise. It was bad enough that it stung my eyes on the street. Is this asbestos abatement? Or a different kind of demo?

Either way, the next morning at drop off I noticed large amounts of dust on all the exterior scaffolding. And plenty of it near the main entrance where the kids hang up their scooters.

Here’s a link to photos of the nighttime dust as well as the dust on the scaffolding:

So the question is – on nights where there is scheduled abatement, is there also other work going on? If so, what is the nature of that work? Demolition? Raking? Can we get the SCA to comment?


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