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Posted by: admin on: April 29, 2012

Hello Everyone,

We understand that many of you are anxious and confused about what happens next in our ongoing struggle to understand the extent and implications of the the construction/demolition and its dust’s impact on the indoor air quality at our school.  We too are anxious and confused and trying to piece together the many aspects of this situation.

Over the weekend, many of you/us have been researching options for our children if this demolition continues as planned when school is in session.  We know that some are considering pulling their children out and home-schooling or looking for other options. We are aware that some groups have sprung up to organize and communicate these efforts and expect that those groups will be reaching out to the general school community as well.

We also would like to let you know that we have also been working through the weekend on four fronts–

1.  To make sure that if the work continues as planned, existing protocol is strictly enforced and the extra measures that we have gotten the SCA to agree to are implemented and also strictly adhered to.

2. Exploring as many other options as we can to best understand the demolition and construction and how its dust can be controlled, possibly using methods unfamiliar to the SCA but which are becoming standard operating procedures for the private sector.

3.  Continuing to go through political channels to encourage elected officials to stop this work at our school and all schools through a policy change that recognizes the dangers of toxic indoor air quality.

4.  Figuring out how to best communicate with those of you who are already concerned and informed and reaching those who are not as connected yet to so that we all understand our options in the face not only of this demolition/construction but also of the often confusing and voluminous onslaught of information and options about it.

Please stay tuned for updates which we hope will be positive and in the interest of all of us and our children,

Thank you,

The health and safety committee

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