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Questions/Document Requests for the SCA

Posted by: admin on: April 25, 2012

(DOCUMENT REQUESTS ARE BOLDED and added as a separate category at the end) 


●        Who are the counterparties on the construction contracts and what role does each agency play?

●        When were the contracts with AE, Taylor and Ricci signed?

●        Please provide us with copies of these contracts(see below).

●        Who is responsible for ensuring that the contractors are in compliance with regulations? How can we

independently verify their compliance?



●       What is the specific DEP protocol that the SCA operates under re: Community Notification for ACM


●       Why is there no 7-day notice?

●       Please provide a copy of this document, waiver, and/or variance.

●       Please provide us with copies of the original RFP, signed contracts with AE, Ricci and Taylor


●       Please provide us with a comprehensive Work Flow/Time Line for the entire 18 month project.


Timing of Demolition

●       How long will the asbestos abatement of the windows take?

●       A parent and member of the electrical union, whose projects include NYC public schools, confirms that NYC schools often delay hazardous work inside buildings, such as asbestos abatement, until the

summer when school is out.  Why is that not the case here?

●       Why can’t the contractor employ double shifts during the summer months when the school is empty?


Scope of Asbestos Abatement

●       On how many windows is this work being performed?

●       Exactly which classrooms will be worked on, on what days? Teachers and parents have a right to

know on what days their classrooms will be affected.

●       How many days, in total, do you estimate the window abatement will take?

●       What kind of ACM is in the windows?

-friable? Non-friable?

●       If it is friable, why must this be removed as the EPA recommends containment as the safer option?

Why is it a last resort now?

●       Please tell us more about the containment barrier.

-What exactly is a “containment barrier”?

-Is it around the classrooms being worked on or around whole school?

-If it is around whole school will it be put up daily and taken down in morning so that windows may be opened?

-If barriers are being put up, how are workers entering and exiting those areas?

-Walking from abated area into a safe zone, aren’t fibers attached to clothing or are hallway barriers being built as well?



●       Please clarify the play yard wash down schedule. At the April 18 two-week look ahead meeting we

were told it would be washed down nightly but thereafter Fred Malley told us that it would not be

nightly, only “as needed.”

●       Also at the April 18 two-week look ahead meeting the SCA agreed to postpone raking until summer.

Fred Malley has said this is not true they are only postponing until summer on the side of the building

that faces the school yard. Please clarify.



●       Who is doing the testing for the air quality for lead and mold. Please state which phases of the job

require testing?  Will asbestos be tested for ever morning?

●       Please explain how Taylor is a Third Party testing company or entity, who is paying them?

●       How will test results be made available to the public/parent community?

●       SInce according to the SCA testing will be done every day to determine whether it is safe to occupy

the school, what is the contingency plan from the Board of Ed and the SCA if the toxin levels are

determined to be unsafe?

●       How long will the school have to be closed if levels are deemed unsafe?  Where will our kids go

those days?

  • Is Taylor “Job Monitor” meaning that they will also be present for evening and morning site inspections and sign off on same?
  •   Can we get it in writing that there will be a dedicated SCA inspector on site to sign off as well?
  • Will there also be a Union Shop Steward on site for these inspections as well?


Nightly Clean Up Efforts

●       Please confirm the cleanup process. As we understand it, in the evening two men will

walk the interior of the school with our custodial supervisor , Carlos, to check and clean as needed. Per John Gentile there will also be a project manager in the morning and evenings to ensure the cleanup is happening/has happened. We would like to clarify at this time that Carlos is not a member of the cleaning crew, rather a representative of PS29 whose job it is to guide the crew and assist if there are any questions.

●       For the nightly classroom inspection and cleanup effort, please provide detailed documentation of the

exact process and checklists as well as sign off sheets. Please provide names of parties responsible for performing and signing off work. There should be such documentation produced every night.


Reiteration of Document Requests

●       Please provide a copy of the specific DEP or other agency document that the SCA operates

      under re: Community Notification.

●       If there is a waiver and/or variance, please provide a copy.

●       Please provide us with copies of the original RFP, and signed contracts with AE, Ricci and

      Taylor Environmental.

●       Please provide us with a comprehensive Work Flow/Time Line for the entire 18 month project.




3 Responses to "Questions/Document Requests for the SCA"

All good questions! Perhaps others to add?

EPA website has a reference to the Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Reauthorization Act (ASHARA) of 1990 that requires accreditation of personnel working on asbestos activities in schools. If that applies here, can we get confirmation that accreditations are in place?

Regarding the worker who was carrying a saw…if the saw was a type that had a guard, was the guard in place? (workers often remove these “for convenience”) If it was removed, was the worker (or contractor firm) cited? To avoid such risks in the future, can a pathway through the school (corridors, stairwells, etc) be blocked off to limit the space to construction workers only? I’d feel better knowing our kids were separated from workers in general.

Just wondering if minutes from last night’s meeting are going to be made available for those of us unable to attend?

Hi Nikki, We are actually working on posting video coverage of the meeting, check back tomorrow or monday.

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