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Posted by: admin on: March 24, 2012

We have learned, without prior knowledge, that asbestos removal around the windows of the school starts Monday. We have spent the last 24 hours aggressively trying to have it stopped and have made no progress.  We’ve called and sent emails (see below) to the SCA and have contacted pols asking if it can be stopped until summer.

At this point the work will begin on Monday.

The person at the SCA is our project support manager is Yvette Knight at 718.472.8199



Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 9:49 AM


Cc: Construction Committee

Subject: Asbestos Removal

Importance: High



With all due respect, parents attending the Bi-weekly meeting held this past Wednesday DO NOT recall either the SCA or Adams discussing or mentioning asbestos abatement around the windows.  The only mention of asbestos abatement that we recall had to do with the roof and flashings.  As such, we are concerned with exactly how the safety measures are going to be implemented, and feel that the larger parent community is going to want to have an exact description of such measures.  Therefore, can you please answer the following questions:

·         When you say … “The abatement will be performed under the Department of Environmental Protection regulations.” Are you referring to the NYC DEP and Title 15 Regulations or are there a different set of regulations?  If it is Title 15 can you please tell us whether this job is considered a Large, Small or Minor job as per Title 15 Regulations.  In addition, is all Asbestos material considered non-friable?

·         When you say …“There will be a containment barrier outside and inside the rooms by the abatement areas.” Does this mean that there will be plastic placed inside the classrooms? If so, will it be removed nightly? If they are removed nightly what measures will be taken to ensure that when this plastic is removed, any debris between the window and plastic will then not end up in the classroom? Will windows be operable during the day?  Yesterday we were told that the general practice of having plastic on the inside of the windows would not be the best option to keep debris at a minimum?  Please explain?

·         You say…” After the abatement, air monitoring will be conducted:

    1. At the site of the abatement outside the building
    2. Inside rooms when there is work on the windows and lintels (removal of caulking).”

However, yesterday Jeff told us that no inside testing would be undertaken, that it would only be done on the exterior.  Can you please explain the exact testing measures that will be undertaken each night. What other work is being done in terms of removal of AMC materials aside from the windows and lintels? Can we know ahead of time what classroom windows are being worked on each night?

Thank you for your prompt response.


PS 29 Parent Construction Committee

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